Houzz is the world’s largest community for home design and renovation. Over 1.5 Australian homeowners use Houzz every month to connect with designers and contractors to help them with their home projects - so having a strong presence on Houzz is a great way to showcase your work, build your brand and reach potential clients. 

The ShowRoom have a profile on Houzz and our new partnership provides our Exhibitors with a number of great benefits! 

Benefits for Exhibitors:

o A free Professional profile on Houzz - to showcase your projects, products, contact info and to identify yourself as a The ShowRoom exhibitor 

o Exhibitors receive a complimentary phone consultation with the Houzz team to make sure your profile is looking its best! 

o Invitations to local and exclusive Houzz events, workshops and webinars

o Exclusive access to the Houzz Pro+ local branding program 

o Additional resources, trend reports and webinars  

Get started with your own Houzz profile here

Katherine Dobell