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Speaker Series 2019

Learn and engage with those at the forefront of home industry in our Speaker Series. Six sessions daily. It’s FREE!


Supported by Catherine McGrath Media

Catherine McGrath is inspiring new ways for businesses, organisations and professionals to communicate in the events world through inspiring and interactive MC services/keynote speaking and transformative training in the #Business Speaking and #WomenSpeaking programs. For 3 decades Catherine McGrath has shared her political insights with Australian audiences on SBS and ABC television, radio & online. She is Australia’s ‘go to’ presentation & media trainer and we have had the pleasure of having Catherine mentor and train our ShowRoom Speakers for this event. Thank you Catherine!  Find out more at

Saturday 2 March 2019

Evan Dunstone

Evan Dunstone

Evan Dunstone, Dunstone Design.
The Adventure of Commissioning.


The act of commissioning a piece of fine furniture is a journey down a path less travelled. With no strong history of bespoke furniture in Australia, it’s understandable that the commission process can be intimidating. But the rewards of a commissioned piece of furniture can far outstrip the simple value of the object waiting at the other end. Commissioning a piece leads to a greater understanding of process, materials and creativity. Master Craftsman Evan Dunstone has been taking furniture commissions from Canberra clients for more than 20 years. Join him as he talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of commissioning contemporary fine furniture.

Tony Trobe

Tony Trobe

Tony Trobe, TT Architecture Chat With an Architect


Tony Trobe knows how to design beautiful homes. Starting out as TT Architecture nearly 30 years ago, he is the winner of well over a hundred industry awards, a Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects & former President , member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Master Builders Association (MBA). He has also been the ACT Government’s Technical Advisor for energy efficiency, training many of Canberra’s energy assessors.

Tony finds residential architecture rewarding because of its personal nature and how it directly impacts on people’s lives and the way they live. The best reward is when the final result is much better than the client ever anticipated.

Often thought of as a “luxury” add-on, architects can save you money and time. From the initial design concept ideas to providing advice on contractors, getting the best value for your money by tendering the project and overseeing the construction period, they play a pivotal role in guiding you through a renovation or build from start to finish.

Building or renovating can be an exciting adventure but also daunting and overwhelming when decisions need to be made. Tony will discuss the value in using an architect, the process an architect takes once engaged, tips to stay on budget, golden rules for picking builders, advice on block selection, how much Architects charge, and will allow some time to answer any other niggling questions guests have.


Danny & Robin Rosin

Danny & Robin Rosin

Danny & Robert Rosin, Rosin Bros.
Reality TV home shows: how real are they?


The soaring popularity of reality TV home shows such as The Block, House Rules, and Love It or List It show how fascinated Aussies are with revamping their homes. But how real are they? And can we gain much more from watching than a few hours of viewing pleasure? Join Robert and Danny Rosin as they dissect how reality TV home shows work, and how to make them work for you.

Meg Campbell

Meg Campbell

Meg Campbell, Neon White Design.
The Project Design Process.


• Dream it - what is your why?
• Pick Your Team - who do you need on the project?
• Design it - what happens during the design process?
• 3 Key Considerations - money + time + quality
• Sustainability - fundamental considerations
• The Design Checklist - to help get you get started!
• Do it - start the conversation

Lucy Blain

Lucy Blain

Lucy Blain, Goodwin Blain. Investment Loans, How to Purchase an Investment and Build an Investment.


Making a big purchase can be a daunting experience. Whether you are re-financing, down-sizing, investing or buying your first home, there is always so much to consider when taking out a loan. That’s why it is vital to use an expert who understands the market and can find you the best loan to suit your needs. If you’re looking to grow your property portfolio and invest in the market lets discuss turning a dream into reality.

Lucy will discuss:

  • Obstacles for property investors

  • How to purchase an investment property

  • Structure and planning; how a mortgage broker helps your property growth

  • State of the banking market. It’s not all doom and gloom

Amy Kennedy

Amy Kennedy

Amy Kennedy, The Organising Bee.
Home Organising and Decluttering.


Amy Kennedy is a Professional Organiser and Decluttering Expert, and the founder of The Organising Bee, a local home organising and decluttering service. The Organising Bee supports families and individuals to minimise clutter in the home and establish personalised organising systems tailored to the lifestyle and habits of the homeowner. Amy has helped numerous families within the Canberra region to regain control of their lives by teaching them new ways of thinking and organising their belongings and their lives.

Winner of the Best of Houzz Award for Service in 2017 and 2018, and a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) and the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), Amy is living proof that strong organisational skills can be learnt and now devotes her time to sharing these skills and the benefits of a living a clutter-free lifestyle to families seeking life balance.

Sunday 3 March 2019

Karen Porter

Karen Porter

Karen Porter, Solace Creations. Insulate your Home with Double Glazing.


Karen Porter has been passionate about energy efficient homes since 2006 when she started Solace Creations Double Glazing.  Her passion has seen her business grow exponentially and she currently has a team of 16.  This team covers sales, in-house installations and after sales service.

Karen has been recognised through several Telstra Business Awards along with being named 2015 ACT Business Women of the Year and Telstra Business Women Entrepreneur of the Year.  Karen has also been recognised by the National Association of Women in Construction and is an advocate and mentor for other ladies in the construction space.

Karen has 5 children and is currently building an energy efficient home for herself and her family.


Evan Dunstone, Dunstone Design.
The Ergonomics of Chair Design.


There are thousands of chair designs in production around the world, but so few of them are informed by a true understanding of ergonomics. Evan Dunstone is a 2001 Churchill Fellow in contemporary chair design and manufacture. His Queanbeyan based company, Dunstone Design, has an international reputation for exquisite hand-made chairs, stools and lounges.  With 26 seating designs in production, Evan has a lot to say about what makes a chair "comfortable". Come an learn about active sitting, posture correcting design and the quest for the perfect chair.

Janet Thompson

Janet Thompson

Janet Thompson, Stack Space.


Janet Thomson FRAIA

Janet Thomson is a registered architect and director of Stack Space Pty Ltd, a design and build company converting shipping containers into high quality compact accommodation units for multi-purpose uses. She is also the director of Janet Thomson Architects, an independent practice focused on collaborative design outcomes in the residential sector. Her designs for both Stack Space and Janet Thomson Architects are strongly focussed on site integration, inclusion of sustainable principles and the achievement of spatial generosity without needing large footprints.

Janet will speak about the advantages and benefits of an alternative process to the conventional ‘design then construct’ process. With the close collaboration between Janet and her business partner Retlaw Compton, an integrated ‘design and construct’ process is adopted at the start of every project. This provides consistent refinement of the design concept and its constructability - at all levels and scales to produce outcomes that incorporate craftsmanship and exemplar attention to detail.

By using shipping containers as the modular template for their projects, Stack Space works from the ‘outside in’ as opposed to ‘from the ground up’, a process that refreshingly challenges the conventional coordination of trades.

Holly Komorowski

Holly Komorowski

Holly Komorowski, holly.


Holly is the Director of home.byholly, which was the winner of the National Residential Marketing Campaign two years running.

Holly is known as a highly organised, energetic, motivated and positive person who loves real estate. Her appreciation of the human element of real estate, the stories and personal narratives inspired her to create home.byholly. She is living proof that real estate agents can be authentic, genuine, friendly and highly effective.

Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson, Canberra Modern.


Rachel Jackson, Creative Director and Founder, Canberra Modern Inc., will present a talk on "California and Canberra Cool" : drawing comparisons between California and Canberra during the 1960s and 70s.

LA is thought of as the trend-setter in defining the post-war suburban and modern architectural movements. In Canberra, the ambition for a modern designed city surpasses the glamour and architectural modernism of the West Coast of the US. Canberra was designed and developed with purpose, not reactively or organically like so many other cities. LA, San Francisco, Palm Springs, form San Diego to Silicon Valley, post-World War II brought rapid growth in these cities, with people actively moving from the USA’s east to west coasts. Similarly, there was a push for people to move to Canberra, and it became the place that the architectural professions were experimenting—it was an empty canvas, with the opportunity for a fresh start in so many ways. Including its architecture, landscape and urban planning.

Rachel will draw on a talk presented with the NGA curators to consider how 1960s–70s Los Angeles influenced life in Canberra. Presented as part of CURF Seminar Series 2018, University of Canberra, California Cool Exhibition at the NGA, and the DESIGN Canberra Festival, held in November 2018.

Anna Porter

Anna Porter

Anna Porter, Suburbanite.


Anna Porter is the principal of Suburbanite and a qualified property valuer. Dynamic, knowledgeable and ethical are three words that are often used to describe Anna. Anna is repeatedly sought after by media for her expert commentary and has her own segment on Your Money LIVE. Anna has featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine, ABC National Radio, 2UE Radio, Channel Nine’s the Mornings Show, Fairfax Newspapers and is a regular on Studio 10. She also runs education programs for companies like Caltex, Optus, Flight Centre and Cricket NSW just to name a few.’

Anna will talk you through:

  • Property Pitfalls: costly mistakes to avoid when buying & investing

  • Building and buying off the plan – what you need to know

  • Avoiding investment disasters

  • Market timing – the framework to getting it right