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The ShowRoom showcases businesses and individuals who demonstrate a creative vision through the work they pursue—we’d love to hear from you.



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Why exhibit?

  • Communicate directly to potential customers

  • Be showcased as an exceptional and creative business

  • Build your brand awareness

  • A diverse but curated event - cross promotional opportunities

  • Build a new client base and dedicated following

  • The time economy, one weekend

  • Social media effective partnerships

  • A place where people can share their stories - word of mouth opportunities

  • Build relationships

  • Market cost effectively

  • Partnership endorsement

  • Promote knowledge sharing and facilitate collaboration opportunities

  • Stall hire fee is returned to marketing

  • Strong community partnerships

  • Potential to leverage National connectivity and relevance

  • Values based engagement

  • Partner with a forward focussed design savvy operator

  • Showcase your business on a wide platform